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What am I working on?

I’ve been busy lately, for the past 3 or so days this website and blog has been my main focus, and now that I think I’ve gotten it up and running how I like it I can now focus on other projects.


My major focus right now is with the Eleven Project. Project Eleven, is an attempt to bring back glitch from the ashes that was left behind from tinyspeck. After TinySpeck shut down the world of UR in 2012 they released a bunch of art assets, but not all of them, but just recently they released almost all of the art assets and a huge chunk of source code. However this source code is missing a large amount of code, and Project Eleven looks to fill in the gaps and create a functional game named Eleven Giants.

Eleven_Logo_8 Elevenposter Glitch



Another focus right now is my own game that I want to work on with a few friends, we haven’t started since we haven’t really had much time to sit down and work, but rest assured we’re working on it. There’s not too many details right now except that it will be coded in unity, and it will be 2d.


And Finally as always I’m focused on streaming, and bringing some videos out to my few followers in the near future!


So I guess look out for that, I’ll try to update this blog regularly, but check out my twitter for the most frequent updates.