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Mario Kart 8: Review.

Mario Kart 8 is one of the greatest titles to hit the Wii u so far. After it’s release Wii U sales skyrocketed, in some areas the Wii U saw an 800% increase in sales. I’ve never been a big fan of racing games in general, and the Mario Kart series is no exception, I’ve never really seen the appeal and was never very good at Mario Kart. So on launch day, I bought Mario Kart 8, mainly because of the awesome promotion Nintendo was running that if you registered Mario Kart 8 You got a free retail game, knowing my history with Mario Kart I wasn’t the most excited for this game, until I played it. This Mario Kart feels so much better to play compared to all of it’s precursors. In Mario Kart 8, whether I get first place or last place it feels like I earned that place, not like I got unlucky or lucky. The maps are wonderfully designed and the colors and graphics are very vibrant and pleasant to look at. The controls are very accurate and the wide variety of Kart customization allows the player to create a Kart that feels good for them to control. Overall Mario Kart 8 is a major boost to the Wii U’s viability and is a must have for any current or future Wii U owners.


Buy it: Buy it if you enjoy Kart Racers even a little. Especially Buy it if you are a Mario Kart or Racing fan. AND if you can still take advantage of the free game promotion DEFINITELY pick this up ASAP. Mario Kart is a great party game and the online is fantastic as well.

Borrow it: Borrow it if you are not very interested from everything you’ve seen so far, chances are a few races will make you need this game.

Skip it: Skip it if you’re not planning on getting a Wii U (obviously), Don’t buy a Wii U just for this game. Skip it if you want a single player game, though it is very fun the single player tired me out very quickly, however the online is wonderful.